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Welcome to OneidaCountySportsmen.Com

This website was built for all hunters and property owners in Oneida County but others from around the State might find it useful.

Too many times it seems that something is so wrong or a rule change changes the way we look at our sport. Too many times we don't understand how The DNR can make Administrative Rules into law without any input from the citizens. Not all of us can agree on everything, but we should respect each other's opinions and work together to protect our rights.

Over time I have learned how some of the procedures work and how important it is for everyone to get involved. It is imperative that we protect our hunting heritage and do whatever it takes to get our voice heard.

The purpose of this site is to educate the sportsmen and sportswomen of Oneida County on how to get your concerns heard. On this site you will find links to government officials, local DNR biologists, and Conservation Congress members.

Before I go any further, there are a couple of things you should know. After many years of questioning the DNR, I ran and got elected in 2007 to the Oneida County Conservation Congress.

Because I am a member of the Congress I have to be careful not to mislead the public, so my thoughts and my opinions do not get confused with the official position of the Congress.

With this being said, the comments and opinions on this site are my comments and opinions and nowhere on this web site is anything intended to be the direction of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

Should anyone have a question on any topic related to the Congress, I will promptly forward the information to the person who can best answer your question or I will forward the names and information of the people who can best help you.

Please take the time to contact your government officials if you disagree or are having difficulties getting your questions or concerns answered. The DNR needs to hear your voice, the Congress needs to hear your voice and our elected officials need to hear you voice.

Thank you for visiting Oneida County Sportsmen,

Ed Choinski
Lake Tomahawk
Oneida County

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