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CWD Information

Map of Oneida County, WI showing townships where Chronic Wasting Disease has been found (Three Lakes, Woodboro, Crescent, Enterprise)

CWD, also known as Chronic Wasting Disease, is a contagious disease of the brain and effects deer, elk and moose. It causes a charactaristic sponge-like degeneration in the brains of infected animals, which leads to erratic behavior, loss of motor skills, malnourishment and death.

Once your deer is down after an exciting hunt and your thoughts begin to turn to venison, please consider getting your deer tested for CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease. Remember, testing is FREE.

Below are a few DNR resources (in PDF format) to help guide and keep you safe and healthy this deer season.

2018 Deer Season & CWD Update | Wisconsin DNR Local CWD Sampling Options | Wisconsin DNR Deer Hunt 2018 / CWD Fact Sheet | Wisconsin DNR